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Mobile tire service and on-site tire centering

A mobile tire service is the key to safe travel

On-site assistance - mobile tire service with the Frank car ambulance

Car tire centering is an important process that aims to keep car wheels running smoothly and stably. This is essential for an optimal driving experience and safe traffic . During centering, they aim to restore the balance of the car wheels and optimize the weight distribution in the wheels. With the help of modern technology, centering can now be performed in an extremely precise and efficient manner and is also available as a mobile tire service service.

Mobile tire service and on-site tire centering

Mobile tire service and car tire centering

Among the services of the Frank car rescue mobile tire service is car tire centering. In this way, specialists can not only replace or repair tires on the spot, but also center them if necessary . This means great convenience and ease for motorists, as they do not have to go to the car service for centering.

Mobile tire service and car tire centering - How is it done?

The mobile tire service works with special tools during centering. The machine's sensors accurately measure the running and evenness of the wheels. Then the necessary adjustments are made, such as placing weights at various points on the rim to balance the wheels. Finally, the settings are rechecked to make sure they are running optimally. Centered wheels contribute significantly to:

  • for smooth running
  • they reduce steering wheel vibration
  • they increase the stability of the car

Mobile tire service and on-site tire centering

Advantages of a mobile tire service

All in all, the mobile tire service is a reliable and convenient assistance for motorists in trouble who have problems with their tires during the trip. 24/7 services ensure that motorists can always count on assistance, regardless of the weather or road conditions they face.