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Car rescue is not part of our everyday life, but there are cases when it is unavoidable to use this service. Let's turn to professionals!

In many cases, car rescue is an essential service

Car rescue is a service that most people use only in rare cases.
However, at the moment when the need arises, there is usually a big problem. Because if our service becomes necessary, then either the situation exists that our vehicle has given up the service and says that it is no longer available - and this is the "best" case - or our vehicle has to be towed as a result of an accident.
This is certainly the least desirable event, even if it ended without injury. Whichever case we take, we know that in these situations it is good to have the car rescue in the hands of those who perform this service in a professional manner.
We are fully aware that this is already a tense situation, everyone is upset, and the least that is needed is further trauma for the owners in need.

That's why our service is designed in such a way that we approach our customers with the right empathy and do everything we can to solve the problem without any problems.

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What do we mean by car rescue?

Perhaps this question sounds a little special, since everyone knows what a car rescue . According to our experience and according to what our customers say, there are significant differences in quality and empathy car rescue .
You must have experienced that when you enter the car rescue , an incredible number of companies are thrown up in the list of results.
The fact is that it is quite difficult to choose the right service provider. In the situation when there is a problem with the vehicle and we are standing by the side of the road (preferably not in the ditch) struggling with our problems and trying to choose the best one from the large selection on our mobile phone.

Car rescue is a profession, but for us it means much more.
For us, it's a profession. It doesn't matter if it's ten o'clock in the morning or two in the morning, we're on the scene as soon as possible so that you have to spend the least amount of time waiting. For us, car rescue does not mean that we transport the damaged or broken down vehicle from A to B and drop it off. If necessary and it is a solution, we can even carry out minor repairs on site.

car rescue as a life-saving service.
Just as it is not good for an ambulance to arrive late, we do not like to keep our customers waiting. This is who we are, with a customer-centric attitude, meticulous, precise work, and appropriate empathetic skills.

All this requires adequate experience and a fleet of vehicles

Yes, these conditions are essential in order to provide a quality service. Our company has been dealing with car rescue for 12 years. Our fleet includes 4 trailers, 4 ambulances and 3 emergency vehicles. As already mentioned, we offer the possibility of on-site solutions, such as bulldozing, wheel replacement, and possibly smaller on-site repairs.

We advise everyone to browse the options even when the service is not due. Choose with a calm head when you can consider. It's like insurance. It is better to prepare for trouble in advance.


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