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the car ambulance evokes bad memories in us. But is it only because of the wrecked car or the vehicle that was crushed during the accident? Not sure!

Can an ambulance be a nice memory?

In itself, we would not say a clear yes to this question. How could a broken-down car, or a vehicle that has fallen into a ditch, or a car wrecked in a collision be a nice memory? We do a car rescue service, but we don't think that it is possible to keep good memories.
But! And then here comes a big but! Even if the car ambulance the shocking, traumatic event into a beautiful memory, it can certainly make it easier to bear or possibly resolve it.

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What does it take? Adequate experience, adequate empathy, accuracy, precision. We know very well that the person who of the ambulance is already in a difficult situation, in some cases nervous. If the arrival of the ambulance is delayed, you have to wait a long time for it, its attitude is not appropriate, the service is not of a high standard, it only worsens the situation.

Precisely for this reason, and feeling the situation in which our client is at the given moment, we do not want to make it worse, but rather improve it.
We are on site as soon as possible, we assess the situation in a professional manner, and if the situation is such, we can solve the problem with even minor repairs and everything can go on. In summary, a professional car ambulance does not make this event more beautiful, but tries to do everything possible to resolve the situation and not create another reason for anxiety and tension.

How does a good ambulance work?

As we have already noted on our car rescue subpage, there is not just one
car rescue We can only repeat ourselves with that, although it is worth emphasizing this several times that this is a service that comes with a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, it is not certain that everyone can meet the expectations in a professional manner.

And this expectation is twofold.
We can't just talk about customer expectations. The profession itself sets expectations. At least for those who provide quality service. In other words, we set high expectations for ourselves. Why? Because, as we have already written, it is a profession for us. Our customers entrust us with their valuables, and we are responsible both to you and to our own professionalism by handling these values ​​entrusted to us with the utmost care and providing the highest quality service.
With this, we can thank you for the trust you placed in us when you placed your order. This is what we call a profession!

Summarizing what has been said so far

It is worth browsing the car salvage offers before trouble strikes. We know that most people only remember when the trouble has already happened, but believe me, it pays to prepare in advance. Save our phone number (+36 30 256 8380) , you never know what the future will bring!

And why us? We'll tell you.

  • - Because we have been on the market for 12 years, which means we have a history and experience.
  • - Because we have a team of professional, qualified specialists. (experienced in both driving and installation)
  • - We have adequate quality transport equipment. (with 4 trailers, 2 ambulances, 2 emergency vehicles)
  • - We provide a wide range of services, your work does not end with the delivery and storage of the car.
  • - We carry out minor on-site repairs. (bull riding, wheel change, minor on-site repairs)


M1 motorway, highway 1


+36 30 256 8380

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