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Our Győr car ambulance immediately comes to your aid in Lébény and its surroundings, call us with confidence. with a technical fault or an accident to the requested destination.

Ambulance Lébény

+36 30 256 8380

Non Stop Tire Service

Mobile tire service

Quick and efficient help in and around Lébény from Frank Autómentő. Don't wait a long time at the site!


Immediate car rescue in and around Lébény

In addition to car rescue, our car rescue and 0-24 mobile tire service service will help you immediately - if you have a flat tire, you need to change a wheel or even have your car serviced.

Additional services of Frank Ambulance:

Car ambulance in and around Lébény

Our ambulance will reach the area of ​​Lébény within 20 minutes. Lébény is located at the junction of the Hanság, Rábaköz and Mosoni plains, 26 kilometers northwest of Győr and 19 kilometers southeast of Mosonmagyaróvár. The settlement is close to road 1, the M1 highway and the Budapest–Győr–Hegyeshalom–Rajka railway line. Route 8417 through the center of the city in a southwest-northeast direction , which connects it to highway 1, the junction of the highway, and in the opposite direction to the Enes section of highway 85. In addition, the stake section of road 83 is also accessible from here, which can also be reached from the Pápa area. The settlement is connected to Ötteven via road 8501, via Tárnokrét to Rábcakapi via road 8528. The administrative area of ​​Lébény is also affected by road 8504, which, however, does not affect inhabited areas.

Car rescue Lébény prices, details

  • Technical error or accident?

It is important to know whether a technical fault or an accident has occurred so that we can start car rescue process

  • Car salvage prices

the location of the rescue and the destination will help us to give you a suitable price offer. In all cases, Frank Autómentő on a pre-arranged fee - the car rescue consists of a basic fee and a kilometer fee.

  • Vehicle type and condition

The type and condition of the vehicle is also important information. Based on this data, we can determine which ambulance and technical equipment to send to the scene. Another important question is whether the vehicle is equipped with an automatic or manual transmission, can the transmission be put in neutral?

0-24 Car rescue service

Frank Autómentő comes to the aid of motorists in trouble all year round, every day of the week, at all hours of the day. We are doing our best to ensure that the scope of our services covers more and more the solution of interruptions related to cars and driving, whether it is a simple fuel refill, towing, car rescue, towing a trailer, a flat tire, a flat tire... Frank Autómentő is available Non-Stop .

International car rescue, national car rescue

You can use our car rescue services not only in the area of ​​Lébény, along the M1 highway, but nationally and abroad

Car rescue is not a job, it's a profession.

Our phone number can be called 24/7:

Frank is an ambulance

+36 30 256 8380

Our rescue fees are favorable, in all cases we work at a pre-agreed price. Get home quickly and safely Frank Ambulance .