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Our car ambulance immediately comes to your aid in Páty and its surroundings, call us with confidence. with a technical fault or an accident to the requested destination.

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Our car ambulance immediately comes to your aid in and around Bábolna, call us with confidence. with a technical fault or an accident to the requested destination.

In addition to car rescue, our car ambulance will help you immediately if you have a breakdown, need to change a wheel, or need to be towed.

Our other services are Car rescue, Car rescue, Technical rescue , Accident rescue, Van rescue, Car transport, Breakdown repair , Wheel change, Trailering, Breakdown repair., Refueling aside.

Our ambulance will reach Bábolna 20 minutes . Bábolna is located next to the M1 highway and the main route 1 , unfortunately there are many accidents and breakdowns due to the significant transit traffic. Our car rescue and mobile tire service service is very often requested Conco rest stop on the Babolnai section of M1 highway In many cases, the car did not start after visiting the filling station or the fast food restaurant, the Frank Ambulance also came to the rescue in such cases, sometimes a bullfight solved the problem, sometimes the battery had to be changed on the spot, but sometimes nothing helped, and to the service station, or the car had to be transported home, naturally with the passengers.

It is important to know the details of the accident explosion:

  • If a technical fault or an accident has occurred, it is important that the Frank Ambulance can start the appropriate car rescue.
  • Where are you and where should the car be taken? This is important because Frank Auto Rescue always works on a pre-agreed fee. Car salvage consists of a basic fee and a mileage fee.
  • The type and make of the car is also important in order to be able to send the appropriate Ambulance and Technical Ambulance to the scene.
  • Is the vehicle equipped with an automatic or manual transmission, can the transmission be put in neutral?

Frank Autómentő comes to the aid of motorists in trouble at all hours of the day, every day of the week. We are doing our best to ensure that the scope of our services covers more and more the solution of interruptions related to cars and driving, whether it is a simple fuel refill, towing, car rescue, towing a trailer, a flat tire, a flat tire... Frank Autómentő is available Non- Stop .

You can use our car rescue service not only in Bábolna, the M1 highway rescue, but nationally or even abroad

Car rescue is not a job, it's a profession.

Our phone number can be called 24/7: Frank car ambulance

+36 30 256 8380

Our rescue fees are favorable, in all cases we work at a pre-agreed price. Get home quickly and safely Frank Ambulance .

Frank Auto ambulance, your reliable car ambulance!