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Pickup truck and van rescue both domestically and abroad

We undertake van rescue , minor on-site repairs ( bullying, puncture repair, etc.), trailer vehicle transport nationally and from abroad.

Immediate transport and rescue of damaged vans, small machines, forklifts and other machinery at a very favorable price .

Crashed or stuck with your vehicle? Call Frank Auto Ambulance and we will help you! +36 30 256 8380


 With 10 years of experience , thousands of satisfied customers, at the cheapest price !!!



+36 30 256 8380

Van rescue

Van rescue is at least as important a service as car rescue. If we are talking about a professional ambulance. We offer you this too!

Van rescue is also a car rescue service

Yes, although not all ambulance services offer it. We provide a van rescue service, since not only passenger vehicles can find themselves in a situation where they cannot get from one place to another. This can be a technical failure, but it can also be immobility due to an accident. van rescue is needed .

It is not even a problem for us if we have to solve this rescue process outside of Hungary, since just like car rescue (passenger car) and van rescue our service covers the whole of Europe.

Why can van rescue be a particularly important area?

When we talk about car rescue, most people think of cars. In most cases, we make the journey comfortable with passenger cars. Of course, there are vans, but let's call them minibuses, that families travel with. Even in this case, we can talk about comfortable travel. Of course, we know that even in such a case, it is an incredibly annoying situation if we cannot continue due to some technical problem or injury. However, the majority of vans are work tools, i.e. vans, and they do not travel the roads for comfort. And it is precisely for this reason that the traffic-blocking event that happened to them can cause enormous inconvenience. Just think about it! If our work equipment, the van or van we drive breaks down, it can cause inconvenience not only to us, but also to those who are waiting for the goods on it to be delivered or to be taken away. It may also happen that the van loaded with tools needs the van rescue service because it was on its way to the customer to do a job. In such cases, not only the driver of the vehicle has immediate problems, but also the user of his service.

But if the problem has already occurred and the van has crashed or been damaged, then of course there is no need to worry about it, because worrying and being nervous has never solved a problem. Cliché, but true. The van rescue, on the other hand, solves it.
Quick, professional help, if it doesn't erase the loss, it at least reduces it. Precisely starting from this, it is worthwhile to choose carefully from whom we use the van rescue service.

The Frank Ambulance is the perfect solution. Why?

Because rescuing vans is at least as much our profession as rescuing passenger vehicles.
Because we are also entrepreneurs, and we can perfectly understand the situation when an unprofessional problem-solving generates even more losses. You can avoid this with us. It is very important for us to be able to provide our customers with a professional, fast and customer-centric service.
Our goal is for them to be completely satisfied, and because of their satisfaction, they can confidently recommend us to acquaintances, business partners or friends if necessary. And, of course, the goal is that you will gladly use our service in the future. We are available 24 hours a day, so we can be called even in the event of a breakdown during an overnight delivery. You can count on us even if the breakdown occurred in one of the European countries, because van rescue service covers the whole of Europe.

In what cases can you count on us?

  • - If your van is damaged as a result of an accident,
  • - if you cannot continue due to a technical error,
  • - if you have run out of fuel and there is no gas station nearby,
  • - if you need a wheel change,
  • - if the van has to be towed because it won't start.

Only without the need for completeness, of course also in cases other than this. What's more, you can also use van rescue service if you want to transport your immobilized van bought abroad.

Car rescue and Van rescue

With 10 years of experience , thousands of satisfied customers, at the cheapest price !!!



+36 30 256 8380

You won't find a faster and cheaper ambulance on the M1 motorway line, in the vicinity of highway 1 !


We can be called around the clock, you will receive immediate help from Frank Autómentő, whether it is:

> about an accident

> explosion,

> about running out of fuel,

> about misfuelling,

> about changing wheels,

> about bullfighting...

We do not charge a surcharge for weekends, holidays and nights!

For us, the cheapest means this: rescue/transportation from the Tatabánya area to Budapest from HUF 35,000 .
Rescue/delivery from the Győr area to Budapest from HUF 50,000.


M1 motorway, highway 1


+36 30 256 8380


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