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Mobile Tire Service

Our mobile tire service is fully equipped and ready 24 hours a day, if you are in trouble , we will help you immediately, be it a

> a crash
> damage caused by a pothole/bank
> a simple puncture.
> or just a simple conversion.
We offer a fast, professional, comprehensive solution.

Fees for our service:

Quick puncture repair, with immediate departure:

25,000 on the highway
, on a busy road HUF 22,000
In a parking lot, rest area... HUF 18,000
Kilometer fee HUF 350
(calculated from departure to the Tatabánya location)

The above fees include 1 puncture repair, centering, if the tire cannot be repaired 1 tire replacement , centering, a complete solution in every case!
We keep a stock of approximately 800 new and used items that cannot be repaired, available 24/7, so that we can offer a solution, whether it is the simplest small car or the most serious sports car.

Our stock ranges from 10 to 23 inches. In the event of pre-arranged refitting

- The disembarkation fee within Tatabánya is HUF 5,000

- Vértesszőlős, Szárliget, Tarján, Környe, Síkvölgy HUF 8,000

- Tata, Baj, Vértestolna, Tardos, Héreg, Kömlőd, Goat, Szár, Lioness, Vértessomló HUF 13,000

- In all other cases, ask for our individual offer.

Service fees:

Tire refitting, centering, installation on the car (the price applies to 4 pieces):

In the case of disc rims HUF 15,000
Alloy rims up to 16 inches HUF 18,000
Alloy rims in 17-inch size HUF 20,000
Alloy wheels in size 18 inches HUF 23,000
Alloy rims in size 19-20 inches HUF 25,000
Alloy rims over 21 inches HUF 28,000
Light load, in the case of disc rims HUF 18,000
Light load for alloy rims HUF 22,000

Pressure check, centering, installation on the car (the price applies to 4 pieces):

In the case of disc rims HUF 10,000
Alloy rims up to 16 inches HUF 12,000
Alloy rims in 17-inch size HUF 15,000
Alloy wheels in size 18 inches HUF 18,000
Alloy rims in size 19-20 inches HUF 20,000
Alloy rims over 21 inches HUF 23,000
Light load, in the case of disc rims HUF 15,000
Light load for alloy rims HUF 20,000


Installation of puncture-resistant tires HUF 500/pc
For a wheel equipped with a TPMS sensor HUF 500/pc
Valve HUF 500/pc
Edge grinding HUF 1000/pc
Edge sealing HUF 1000/pc
Scrap tire removal HUF 500/pc

The above prices are valid during working hours on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Night, weekend and holiday surcharge 30%. The indicated prices do not include VAT!

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+36 30 256 8380


Mobile tire service

The mobile tire service is a favorite of many! There is an increasing demand that the car does not have to be taken to a tire repair shop, and that professionals solve it locally.

A mobile tire service? Does it really exist?

Perhaps a somewhat strange question for those who have already encountered the concept of a mobile tire service . However, there are many people who still look in disbelief and wonder when the name of the mobile tire service is mentioned.

At first hearing, it may be incomprehensible why someone thinks that a mobile tire service is an existing solution for replacing a tire or repairing a flat tire. However, the mobile tire service is a convenience service where these needs are fully met by our employees.
And this convenience is a win-win. But let's see why! (of course only if we don't understand yet)

How does the mobile tire service solve the problem?

We can answer this question in two words. Quickly and efficiently. But this mobile tire service service covers more than that.
It is very convenient, since mobile tire service cars do not need an external power source for installation.
This means that both the replacement and repair, or even the sale of the tires can be done at the location where the customer wants. This is even more interesting there, for example, if it is the location of a puncture. The mobile tire for company cars. We say from experience that companies basically don't like their paid employees standing in line for tire fitting during their working hours. Of course, employees do not like to sacrifice their free time for this. But this problem is solved almost immediately by a mobile tire service . We go to the location and in a few hours we can even replace the entire fleet of tires. If necessary, we also carry out basic servicing.

And a mobile tire service should not only be mobile but also non-stop! Our company also provides a 0-24 service in this service. This is not only for convenience, but also for practical reasons. If the accident happens at night, who should those in trouble turn to? You can come to our non-stop tire service, but unfortunately this is not possible in all cases. Well, that's when we go out to the location.

Why do so many people love this service? And who is it good for?

We would start by answering a good question for whom. For everyone. But really. For someone who is in trouble, if someone can't change a wheel but needs to right now, then for him, but if someone is just comfortable and we don't want to go to a high school workshop, then for him. That is, for everyone!

We can probably already get some explanation for this based on what was described above, but in the following we will briefly summarize the distinct advantages of a mobile tire service .

  • - Because time is precious, patience is getting less and less. There is no need to stand in line for this convenience service.
  • - Because it's a quick solution. Just a phone call and we're on our way to fix the problem.
  • - Because it's extremely comfortable. It is possible at our workplace, at home, or even on the side of the road in case of trouble.
  • - Because it's non-stop. It can be used at any time of the day.

If any of the things described here are true for you, or if you feel that you belong to any of the mentioned groups, please don't hesitate! Call us (+36 30 256 8380) and we'll be on our way!

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