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international car rescue service whenever your car becomes immobilized for any reason in any country in Europe.

International ambulance from Hungary?

Yes, we also provide the international car rescue service to our customers.
You have probably already thought about - or perhaps even experienced - the situation where, during a pleasant journey, far from home, your car suddenly tells you that it will not go any further. Or maybe during a trip abroad, they find themselves in such a traffic situation that their vehicle is damaged in an accident, and they have to be transported home somehow.
This is a very bad situation. Especially if someone doesn't even speak the language of the given country. Now, an international ambulance , but where can I get one? Who should I call? I wish I had learned German, Czech, Slovak, French!

With 10 years of experience , thousands of satisfied customers, at the cheapest price !!!



+36 30 256 8380

You won't find a faster and cheaper ambulance on the M1 motorway line, in the vicinity of highway 1 !

And countless similar thoughts come to people's minds in such cases.
It's not enough that the car is a huge problem, even the feeling of being vulnerable puts a shovel on it. Isn't it nice to have the phone number of international ambulance international car ambulance that can be called immediately 24 hours a day can literally be a lifesaver .

But is there such a thing? many may ask. Well, those who browse the Internet because they think ahead have certainly come across the international car rescue among Hungarian companies.
Our company, Frank Autómentő, is available to its customers with a non-stop international car rescue

Just one call, and Frank Ambulance will come as an international ambulance

It really is that simple.
If you're in trouble and your car needs transportation, just a phone call and we're on our way. Well, it's not that simple. We need to agree on quite a few details before departure. First of all, we need to agree in which country the international ambulance will find you. Of course, we need the exact coordinates. It is also necessary to agree on what kind of vehicle it is. It does not matter whether we are talking about a car or a van.

Frank Autómentő only deals with one or the other type , but because we need to know which means of transport to use to help you.
Of course, there are still some data that we need to agree on, but the aim is to provide assistance as soon as possible. We have been operating as a car rescue service on the market for 12 years, and during this time we have had countless foreign car rescues in our practice. We know the requirements and rules of the country in question, so you can trust us.

We perform our international car rescue service with exactly the same precision and professionalism as if we only had to go to the neighboring settlement to help. The technical condition of our vehicle fleet is excellent, and we have the necessary equipment for the technical rescue and transport of all passenger cars, vans, and vans. Both technically and professionally.

Can we only be called in case of technical problems?

The answer is clearly no. We also look forward to your call if you have bought a vehicle abroad (it is important that it is within the borders of Europe) that cannot be returned home on foot. In this case, it is also possible to use our service. We go, pick it up, deliver it home. It's that simple. So for any technical problem, accident vehicle, or just home delivery, don't despair!
Simply dial our phone number (+36 30 256 8380) and our international car rescue team will be on its way.


M1 motorway, highway 1


+36 30 256 8380

Frank Auto ambulance, your reliable car ambulance!