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A trailer is one of the best solutions when someone is looking for a means of transport. It is an effective and safe choice to transport your vehicle safely.

What exactly is a trailer?

Trailer is a word of English origin. In short, a transport vehicle without a built-in drive motor. We could even call it a trailer, although its function and task are completely different. The trailer adapts to the type of shipment. A towing vehicle is required to move it.

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Why is it the most efficient means of transport for an ambulance?

It is our experience that if we want to carry out the car rescue in a professional and professional manner - and this is typical of our company - then the most effective and safest solution is to decide on car transport with a trailer, since with the help of a trailer we can transport our customers' vehicles from the specified location to the destination much more quickly and at a much more favorable price . But why?

Well, first of all, because it can be used to transport almost any type of vehicle. Because it is not only suitable for the transport of passenger cars, but also enables the transport of vans and even work machines, as well as watercraft and sports equipment. the trailer , we can easily transport any of the above to the location you specify.
And of course, even transporting a caravan is no problem.

Secondly, because the advantage of this solution is the open space. Thanks to this, the transported vehicle, be it a car, a van or any of the ones listed above, has a significantly higher chance of reaching its destination without a scratch during the car rescue. The fact is that transport is always safe with trailer Why?

trailer for a moment .
This is due to the fact that the device used for transportation has a special design. And thirdly, because it's much more cost-effective by doing open space shipping. Many people probably know why this is, but for the sake of those who are not aware of it, we will tell you. Well, this open carrier has less drag than a closed carrier. It follows that the fuel consumption of the vehicle towing the cargo remains much lower.

Why choose Frank Auto Rescue if you need a trailer for car rescue?

In such cases, it usually follows that because we are the best, the most professional, the cheapest, etc. Well, we won't say that about ourselves. On the one hand, because who is the best is a subjective decision for everyone. On the other hand, because what is important is not what we say about ourselves, but what our customers say about us. We measure the quality of our work by how many satisfied customers we have, who have already recommended us and our trailer service to many others. This is the true unit of measurement.

We only report facts that can be verified at any time.

And those facts are as follows.

  • - With us, you don't have to waste time on the side of the road, we will go to your aid immediately after calling.
  • - We are available 24 hours a day.
  • - The professional knowledge of our colleagues is at a high level, and you can have your valuable car safely with us.
  • - We have not only trailers, but several types of transport in our vehicle fleet.
  • - We carry out car rescue and car transport, including vans, throughout Europe.
  • - And because we can bring not only 2, but 4 people home with the car. That way, you're not bumping around in a truck, but in a premium class passenger car.

That's all in a nutshell, but make sure the facts are true for yourself! Become one of our satisfied customers!


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