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Everything is changing around us, transport in particular. Not so long ago, we were able to set off knowing that wherever we drove our car, a necessary part would be found in the houses of the neighborhood and there would be a person who would easily fix it so that we could continue to drive. Ambulance? Maybe we didn't even know this word.

Then we were caught up in the momentum of change.
New techniques and professional vehicles that require minimal human control are gliding around us. Plenty of and very fast cars. Demands and opportunities have also changed, which no longer confront us with challenges that depend on our preparation. It is worth preparing for unexpected events before departure. It is no longer enough for us to pull over and repair the car on the side of the road, in addition to the current traffic, we are also risking our own physical health . It doesn't make sense to lock it up and leave it there either, as it is a large value, so we obviously want to know it is safe as soon as possible. The best solution is a car ambulance , which transports our car from the location to the desired location. What's more, if you also provide the possibility of renting a car, our mobilization is solved even until the end of the repair. And for this, a phone number is enough, which is worth keeping in the car.

What should you do if you are faced with the fact that you cannot continue your journey with your vehicle?

  • take the car out of traffic (even if pushed)
  • de-energize the vehicle
  • close
  • leave the busy road section at a safe distance, e.g. out of bounds on the highway
  • call the ambulance

Above all, stay calm, as hurrying and unnecessary movement on the road not only endangers our own safety, but also causes those passing by to react unexpectedly.

We wish you a safe journey and an accident-free arrival!

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