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Car rescue and towing services are very important when our car breaks down or has an accident on the road.

Frank Autómentő is one of the leading car rescue service providers in Hungary, which provides professional and reliable assistance in the transport and on-site repair of vehicles. The company provides a wide range of services and performs high-quality work along the M1 highway, along the main road 1, and around Győr and Tatabánya, including Bábolna.

Fast and efficient car rescue:

Frank Autómentő provides an exceptionally fast and efficient car rescue service. They respond quickly to car breakdowns on the M1 highway and highway 1, as well as around Győr and Tatabánya. With the help of their experienced specialists and special car rescue vehicles, broken down or damaged cars are transported safely and reliably to the desired destination.

Professional car rescue services:

Frank Autómentő provides a wide range of car rescue services. This includes assistance due to lack of fuel, treatment of punctures, starting assistance in the event of battery discharge, and on-site repair of technical faults. The company's specialists have the necessary expertise and tools to solve the most common car problems.

Flexible services and territorial coverage:

Frank Autómentő offers flexible services to its customers. Rescue and car rescue should be carried out at the best time and place. , they provide extensive territorial coverage on the M1 highway, highway 1, Győr, Tatabánya and Bábolna roundabouts So regardless of whether you need a car rescue or a car ambulance in the mentioned areas, Frank Autómentő is always available.

Safety and reliability:

Frank Autómentő pays special attention to safety and reliability. All of their tow trucks are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation. The specialists have a high level of expertise and experience, so we can be sure that our vehicle will be handled professionally and safely.

Summary: Frank Autómentő is the ideal choice in the field of car rescue and car rescue services. They provide professional and reliable services along the M1 highway, highway 1, and around Győr, Tatabánya and Bábolna. They provide fast and efficient car rescue for the most common car problems and place a strong emphasis on safety and reliability. If our car breaks down or breaks down on the road, Frank Autómentő helps us get back on the road.