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Mobile tire service also in Austria

Mobile tire service, car rescue

Mobile tire service, on-site repair in the event of a puncture

The mobile tire service is an innovative service that allows car owners not to have to search for the nearest tire workshop in the event of a flat tire . Instead, the service provider goes to the location, where he repairs the vehicle's tire and, if necessary, replaces it. A mobile tire service has various advantages for motorists.

Mobile tire service also in Austria

Advantages of a mobile tire service

One of the main advantages is comfort . Motorists don't need to spend hours in a service station or tire shop waiting for their turn. The mobile tire service provides an immediate solution to flat tires, so motorists can save time and additional costs - such as the fee for transport to the service.

Mobile tire service in Austria

The service area of ​​the mobile tire service offered by Frank Autómentő is very broad, which is why it enjoys particular popularity. Car rescue and mobile tire service services are already available in Austria , so motorists can count on Frank Autómentő's fast and efficient help in the event of a flat tire not only in Hungary.

Mobile tire service also in Austria

Mobile tire service in case of double puncture

One of the special advantages of the mobile tire service service can be felt in case of a double puncture. After all, many people still have 1 spare wheel, which they replace in the event of a puncture, but let's face it, no one carries 2 spare wheels with them. Thanks to Frank Autómentő's mobile tire service, motorists receive fast and professional help even in such critical situations.