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Call us and we'll help!


Call our center, the Frank car ambulance! We can help you if your car breaks down in the vicinity of Tatabánya We offer an immediate solution, whether it's a rescue, a tire change or just a puncture repair!

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Frank Ambulance
Frank Ambulance
Frank Ambulance

Call us and we'll help!

Car rescue

Car rescue Car rescue

Tatabánya , Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár and Budapest areas! Car rescue within 15 minutes!

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Van rescue

Car rescue Van rescue

Van and passenger car rescue professionally and quickly, both in Hungary and abroad, distance is no obstacle!

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Tire service

Car rescue Tire service

Tire service and MOBILE tire service for cars and trucks, also without territorial scope!

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Frank Ambulance
Car rescue
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If you need a professional and fast team, you've come to the right place! At Frank Autómentő, our job is to help - efficiently and as soon as possible. Mentés Tatabánya , Győr, Mosonmagyaróvár and around Budapest, but we will deliver your broken down car to any point in the country. We also regularly carry out rescues from foreign countries.


Car rescueFrequently Asked Questions

Some important questions that may arise during technical rescue. These can be due to an engine failure or even a puncture... but with a bios, car rescue is inevitable.

In general, you will need to enter the type of car, its registration number and your current location. In addition, it is worth mentioning if there is some special problem with the car, for example you want to call an ambulance due to a flat tire or battery problem.

The arrival time usually depends on the traffic of the ambulance service and the current situation. When you call the ambulance, you should ask how long you can expect the ambulance to arrive.

Help can arrive in the vicinity of Tatabánya and Győr within 15 minutes, but also in a short time to the settlements surrounding Mosonmagyaróvár and Budaspest. Our specialists are ready for immediate rescue along the entire M1 motorway and highway 1 section.

It is important that our colleagues know details when they are questioned over the phone with the right questions so that they can determine what type of ambulance to send. This is because we want to ensure that we arrive with the right equipment to deliver the customer's car.

There are different types and specifications of car ambulances to suit the transport needs of different cars. For example, some tow trucks are suitable for transporting passenger cars, while others specialize in transporting heavy vehicles or special vehicles such as sports cars or SUVs.

When our colleagues are asked over the phone what type of car ambulance is needed, we try to find out the details of the customer's car. These details include the type, size, weight and condition of the car. This gives us an accurate picture of the requirements for transporting the car.

The purpose of the questions is to determine exactly what type of ambulance should be used for delivery. For example, we may ask what the size and weight of the car is, whether it has any damage or breakdowns, and whether there are any special requirements, such as a tow truck with lifting arms or tie-down points.

Determining such details helps us to send the best possible ambulance to the customer. This ensures that your car is transported properly and safely, minimizing the risk of damage or injury.

With this approach, we can ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service and can be sure that we will deliver their car with the right means.

There may be regulations or tasks that you need to complete before the ambulance arrives. For example, if you stop your car in the middle of the road or on a busy road, you may also need to notify the police or roadside assistance. Our colleagues will help you find your way and draw your attention to possible dangers while our colleagues arrive on site. Call us and we will guide you until help arrives so that you and your car can get home safely!

The puncture repair service includes the replacement or repair of punctured tires on site. Our tire service has the appropriate modern tools for all types of vehicles, but our colleagues are readily available if you have any questions. Call us with confidence!

We can reach Tatabánya and Győr and the surrounding settlements the fastest, but we can also start technical rescue in the vicinity of Mosonmagyaróvár and Budapest within a short time.

We can arrive in the areas surrounding the M1 and 1 highways in the shortest possible time, in the Tatabánya and Győr areas we can rush to the scene within 15 minutes, but we can deliver your broken down vehicle to you anywhere in the country, which is currently undertaken by very few people in Hungary. With our regular team, we have rescued vehicles from foreign countries, we have also brought home vehicles from Sweden and Finland.

We are able to initiate technical rescue throughout Europe without any territorial restrictions, so we provide support to our customers who are abroad for work or leisure with our fast and efficient services. A possible breakdown does not mean a problem or inconvenience on site.